I.O.F.O.S. Patronage of events


The present rule is addressed to regulate the IOFOS patronage of courses, workshops, conferences except the triennial international conferences of IOFOS that are proposed and approved during general assembly and IOFOS events already approved by past general assemblies.

The organizer[1] of any event must be an associate/member/fellow/s of a IOFOS member society/societies.

The organizer must send a formal application to the IOFOS Board at least six months before the proposed event, with the formal letter of prior approval of the president of the applicant member society/societies.

The application must be submitted with a thorough description of the following features of the event with tentative title, date, site, aim of the event/course; name of the supervisor/organizer along with his/her short scientific cv and name of the possible speakers. A detailed description of IOFOS scientific involvement should be outlined.

The organizer could be required to provide detailed information to IOFOS Board via email or by participating to dedicated IOFOS Board meeting.

The IOFOS board shall decide by majority and shall give the decision of approval or denial within three weeks from submission. Approvals with suggestions can be also provided.

The IOFOS patronage enables the organizer to use the IOFOS logo on all the material of the event (program, website, flyer, diploma, certificate, etc) and the event can be advertised as

“IOFOS event”. The organizer will receive support for advertisement through the IOFOS website, newsletter, mailing through the IOFOS mailing list .