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Editor of JFOS

Prof. Vilma Pinchi, JFOS Editor – Italy –
Prof. Pinchi completed her dental studies at University of Perugia cum laude and attained PhD in Medical Forensic Sciences cum laude and Specialty Course in Orthodontics at University of Brescia. She is full professor of Legal Medicine at University of Florence and lecturer in several degree Courses of Dental and Medical Schools, specialization courses at University of Florence; she is the Coordinator of the Master Course in Forensic Odontology. Prof. Pinchi is the chief of the section of Medical Forensic Sciences and the Director of Specialty Course in Legal Medicine of University of Florence. Prof. Pinchi served as President of IOFOS (International Organisation for Forensic Odonto-Stomatology) for two terms 2011-2017 and since2017 she is the Editor of The Journal of Forensic Odonto-Stomatology (JFOS) . She is one of the Italian representative members at European Council of Legal Medicine and at DVI Interpol Working group on Forensic Odontology. Prof. Pinchi is founder and President of Scientific Committee of Pro.O.F. (Forensic Odontology Project) the largest Association of Forensic Odontologists in Italy, Vice-President of GIOAF (Italian Group of Forensic Anthropology and Odontology), is a member of the Committee of the Italian Ministry of Health for the elaboration of Guide-lines for the prevention and clinical management of dental trauma in the childhood. She authored more than 150 papers concerning the dental identification, the mass-disaster, the professional liability of the dentist, the evaluation of dental damage. She is regularly appointed as expert by Courts and lectured nationally and internationally in more than 130 conferences and symposia.

Assistant Editor of JFOS
Douglas R. Sheasby – United Kingdom –
Francesco Pradella – Italy


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Salem Altalie (Abu Dhabi)
Herman Bernitz (South Africa)
Hrvoje Brkic (Croatia)
Paula Brumit (United States America)
Irena Dawidson (Sweden)
Ademir Franco (Brazil)
Ruediger Lessig (Germany)
Jim Lewis (United States America)
Helen Liversidge (United Kingdom)
David Sweet (Canada)
Patrick Thevissen (Belgium)
Guy Willems (Belgium)
Ashith B. Acharya (India)
Ricardo Henrique Alves da Silva (Brasil)


This Journal is a peer-reviewed on line publication of papers which should be broadly classifiable as original research, reviews, case reports or news (selected). The Journal welcomes international material for publishing. We would also like to encourage submissions from new authors, recognising the importance of first publications. All papers should comply with the “Guidance to Authors” document printed on the IOFOS.eu website. The JFOS is the official publication of the International Organisation of Forensic Odontostomatology (IOFOS)

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